about me

about mem
I am Suman. Sumanta Ghosh. Always wanted to become an animator from my childhood. This site is basically a gallery for those who are interested to see and critic my works. It is also a place for me to communicate with the people of the industry.

I have also got knowledge of system and hardware which i have learned myself through destroying my own pc.

In animation I love to animate and rig characters. It gives me a new life everytime I animate a character after rigging.

Thanx to all my teachers and friends who helped me a lot during the learning process. It was really a fun and adventurous time for me when I was learnning. Hope it will always be fun and full of hardwork for me when I will be working in the industry. Thanx a lot for visiting my site. Hope you will enjoy your time here and will give me your kind feedback to sabusomu@yahoo.com

My teachers :

Denis Deegan, Hirek Shah, Arnab De for 2D and Jackel, Vinod Nair and Ratish for 3D. I could have never learned animation without these people. All of them are simply great people from the animation industry. I will add more details about each of these great people in the future.


~ by Sumanta on October 14, 2005.

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