bendy streachy arm

ok finally i am ready with my bendy streachy arm. i was working on it from a few days. The underlying streachy thing is the same as Javier’s tutorial. I like to use this technique coz it’s easy though it is bulcky. i don’t know how David Walden’s method of streachy arm works. but this one works fine for me. the rest of the thing like the bendy one is totally done by me. lots and lots of complications has gone under this. take a look and lemme know what ya think. click on the pic. 1.4 MB only.

hope u will like it.


~ by Sumanta on February 21, 2006.

3 Responses to “bendy streachy arm”

  1. Love your work on this dude, very nice. Maybe post up a small tutorial of how you go about creating it? I know you use Javier’s method but it’s always good to hear another side to the story!

  2. hi there..
    explain a bit how did you manage to put spline ik in to 3bone base control arm joints.. are there some constrains involved not much just a little bit.
    share bit with communty..
    aka underearth

  3. Ya ofcourse constains are involved there. and spine Ik is actually following the deformation bone.

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