beach and a window

Let’s face it – I got a pretty good response from some of my friends so this time I am double exited. Snaps in this post are pretty old. Few were taken back in Kolam beach near Vasai.
I call this one “Crossing Lives”. See the tyre marks on the sand, they are crossing each other without thinking about their destiny. strange..

This guy was sitting alone and I guess was posing for me. Well whatever it is I love his pose and love the way it has came out. Thanx man… The snap is named “Eka” which means alone in Bengali.

Dear “Sun”, I want to be there with u. Let there be the light of a clean beginning.
Someone said this is one of the best in my lot. I took this long back in Bhandup home. It wasn’t a a very new room or something but the windows were really good. This is named “White”. I think white is best represented along with other colours. It wud never make a good image if u just keep a plain sheet with no depth and variation in it. It is white bcoz u can see the dullness in the shadow and the age of the wood that is been coloured to hide those marks. After all u really cannot hide it. It all comes out some day.


~ by Sumanta on July 9, 2008.

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