New Snaps


Some of my new snaps. I had taken them few months back while at my home at Serampore. This one is really special for me because it reminds me of my childhood. I still remember and miss thiose days when I used to stand in that particular window while it is raining. Today when I think of those days….it makes me cry. Life was so much better at that point and I always wanted to grow up, earn money, fall in love etc. And now when all those are true i miss those old days which were the purest days of my life. When I posted this image here somebody asked me whether it is rain or not?? Ya it is rain. That’s why I have named it “Jawl Janala”. Which means Water Window in English.

wiresTake a look at those Wires. It’s complex and it is how I am in real life.  Full of complex twists and turns with one side in the light and the other in the dark. And see those small pieces of wires that are hanging here and there. Those are the mark of patches that I can never forget and can’t even get rid of them.


I don’t stay on top of it. My sister is having her 2nd floor balcony on top of this lamppost. The first time when I noticed the wires coming out of the post it got me stuck for a while. I love the mystry behind the light. It’s not total dark. You can feel the definition of the lamp holder but u can not really define it coz it is the darkness behind every light. Light ……it is always trying to run away from darkness but it can never hide.


Father and his daughter. I was amazed to see the dependence of each other. I hope she will love this snap and smile a lot when she grows up. Gollababa…her name. TukiDa…her father…my bother in law.





~ by Sumanta on October 27, 2008.

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