Bhole BABA

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Bhole Baba Par karega

Bhole Baba Par karega

BUPPY before his wedding. We were on a tour to Dahanu


New Snaps

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Some of my new snaps. I had taken them few months back while at my home at Serampore. This one is really special for me because it reminds me of my childhood. I still remember and miss thiose days when I used to stand in that particular window while it is raining. Today when I think of those days….it makes me cry. Life was so much better at that point and I always wanted to grow up, earn money, fall in love etc. And now when all those are true i miss those old days which were the purest days of my life. When I posted this image here somebody asked me whether it is rain or not?? Ya it is rain. That’s why I have named it “Jawl Janala”. Which means Water Window in English.

wiresTake a look at those Wires. It’s complex and it is how I am in real life.  Full of complex twists and turns with one side in the light and the other in the dark. And see those small pieces of wires that are hanging here and there. Those are the mark of patches that I can never forget and can’t even get rid of them.


I don’t stay on top of it. My sister is having her 2nd floor balcony on top of this lamppost. The first time when I noticed the wires coming out of the post it got me stuck for a while. I love the mystry behind the light. It’s not total dark. You can feel the definition of the lamp holder but u can not really define it coz it is the darkness behind every light. Light ……it is always trying to run away from darkness but it can never hide.


Father and his daughter. I was amazed to see the dependence of each other. I hope she will love this snap and smile a lot when she grows up. Gollababa…her name. TukiDa…her father…my bother in law.




MELANIE Version 0.5

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I found this gr8 tool to create MEL UI codes in a Visual Basic style environment. It is really handy and fast. The best thing is that it makes the whole crappy UI coding very fast and easy. You can change or recompose any part of the whole window without the need to reorganize the frameLayout, rowLayout or columnLayouts. It is very fast and it is free. The standalone application than exports ur scripts when ur ready. It has got a separate script editor as well. But that is really not usefull.
Give it a try if ur also sick of writing UI codes that really doesn’t add much to the main script but takes a lot of time.
Here is screenshot of the application.

Here is the link for their site.
Download Melanie /

beach and a window

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Let’s face it – I got a pretty good response from some of my friends so this time I am double exited. Snaps in this post are pretty old. Few were taken back in Kolam beach near Vasai.
I call this one “Crossing Lives”. See the tyre marks on the sand, they are crossing each other without thinking about their destiny. strange..

This guy was sitting alone and I guess was posing for me. Well whatever it is I love his pose and love the way it has came out. Thanx man… The snap is named “Eka” which means alone in Bengali.

Dear “Sun”, I want to be there with u. Let there be the light of a clean beginning.
Someone said this is one of the best in my lot. I took this long back in Bhandup home. It wasn’t a a very new room or something but the windows were really good. This is named “White”. I think white is best represented along with other colours. It wud never make a good image if u just keep a plain sheet with no depth and variation in it. It is white bcoz u can see the dullness in the shadow and the age of the wood that is been coloured to hide those marks. After all u really cannot hide it. It all comes out some day.

Let’s see it

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Just a few months back I got a new Sony Ericssion k790i. It has got a really cool 3.2 mp camera. Basically I brought the phone bcoz of the camera and the interface that sony provides. better and faster than it’s competitors.
So I decided to publish my snaps online. I know they are not at all like a pro photographers. But this is something I really wanted to share with everyone. I donno when, but I really wish to pursue photography as a full time work. I have just started and it will take me a lot of time to improve. Let’s see………

drenched…..taken few days back outside my office premises.
Was shot at my Bhandup room. It’s pretty old now. Just wanted to play with this light and shade after noticing the bedside table.
At Kolam Beach near Vasai. Nice beach area. I named the snap as “Seems like me.” Donno why named like that or may be, just may be I do know that I feel like that.

This last two snaps were been uploaded in my orkut page along with others. Got a mixbag of reactions and comments from my friends.

No puja for me

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Seems like there will be another year of without puja celebration. All my holidays are already gone so most probably no chance of getting anything more. Will miss it again for 3rd year in a row. Things are quiet hefty now. let’s see what happens.

Updated Profile

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Just updated my profile at Linkedin

till date this is my most detailed profile. included all the past experiences also.

Oh a news…. have started scripting also. it’s fun and easy.